Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lord of the Rings ps3 game

Wow! what a great game full of detail an humor. This is going to be an instant hit for any LOTR fan young and old.

I managed to get the pre-order Elrond Figure. £39.99

Monday, 19 November 2012

Bit of an expensive Lego weekend....

With all the deals going on this week and my trip to Cardiff I over spent again. Here's this weekends haul.
£140 Tescos
£340 Lego Store
£100 Toys R Us

Sun promo Poly's I paid £9.00 for this included 6 Orcs. The loose bricks and Minifigures were brought to me. I had to pay £26.00 but there is a good selection of Harry Potter and Star wars Figures.

Lego Hobbit poster.

A fantastic Hobbit poster came with this months club magazine.
I love the must have new sets.

VIP Lego event Cardiff

I decided to go in the end, as my wife wanted to go shopping anyway. It's about 40 minuets by car and we have to travel across the Severn toll bridge.

The offer was only revealed at the till were you had a scratch card revealing what percentage you had off your purchases I ended up with the lowest 10% but apparently 50% was up for grabs.

I ended up with 3 camper vans and the Monster Fighters Haunted house.

I also had the tote bag ,the Christmas holiday set and a pick a brick box to be used next year.

I probably won't bother if I'm invited again, the percentage and incentives weren't that great if you take away the cost of getting to the place and the time. But I must say the staff were outstanding in their knowledge and helpfulness .

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Woody's round up 7594.

Just finished the build. What a great set this is for any Toy Story fan. The characters are nicely done and include Woody, Jessie, Bulls-eye and Stinky Pete. The set was complete except for the dynamite which I got from Bricklink for £2.00 including postage.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Argos 3 for 2. More mines of Moria......

Just couldn't resist this weeks Argos offer. With the reduction on the Mines of Moria from £69.99 to £49.00 this made them almost 50% off with the 3 for 2. I ended up with 6 Mines and 3 Weather tops.

How to build a Lego Santa's Sleigh.

 Here's the instructions for anyone who wants to have a go.
If you click on the images you should get a larger picture to clarify the detail. 

Also the Reindeer I built in a previous post fit onto the front of this.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

7684 Farm and tractor set.

Built this up today. One minifigure is missing so I had to replace her., also one other part is missing I'm still waiting to see if I have one somewhere.

A simple build that is not at all complicated.I especially like the pigs, there great.

Monday, 5 November 2012

How to build a reindeer from Lego

I've made a mistake the red pieces (bridle)should go one space back on the head as below

Hope this help anyone who wants to have a go. The other eight are slightly different so they can carry the chains. The only weak point of the build is it's back but for display it's fine.