Monday, 19 November 2012

VIP Lego event Cardiff

I decided to go in the end, as my wife wanted to go shopping anyway. It's about 40 minuets by car and we have to travel across the Severn toll bridge.

The offer was only revealed at the till were you had a scratch card revealing what percentage you had off your purchases I ended up with the lowest 10% but apparently 50% was up for grabs.

I ended up with 3 camper vans and the Monster Fighters Haunted house.

I also had the tote bag ,the Christmas holiday set and a pick a brick box to be used next year.

I probably won't bother if I'm invited again, the percentage and incentives weren't that great if you take away the cost of getting to the place and the time. But I must say the staff were outstanding in their knowledge and helpfulness .

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